Teknomelt has been one of the largest manufacturers in the spunmelt nonwoven industry in Turkey since 2010. It is a well-known brand in the European market, especially with its meltblown capacity. With an annual production capacity of 15000 tons, Teknomelt operates has several production lines, including meltblown, spunbond, SMMS and lamination technology.

Teknomelt provided direct support to many countries around the world in terms of health by producing BFE 99% meltblown fabrics for mask manufacturers during the pandemic period as well as fabrics for disposable medical products (gowns, medical overalls, overshoes, caps, etc.) for the medical group.

Teknomelt has numerous partnerships around the world in the absorbent market. For several years, they have been contributing to the sustainability of life with its environmentally friendly cleaning products.

What Teknomelt will offer to its global business partners will not be limited to this. The company’s most important goal is sustainability, and it has recently commissioned the Andritz brand CCP Nonwoven line, where it can produce 100% biodegradable and sustainable products.

Sustainability at the Core

Aware of the importance of sustainability in shaping the future, Teknomelt has committed itself to environmentally friendly practices and has directed all of its resources and efforts towards the goal of contributing to a greener and more sustainable world. In line with this goal, it takes steps that give hope for the near and distant future for the effective use of the world’s resources and the protection of the existing ones.

It is also aware of the continuity of the goals it has set itself, to make them more meaningful. With what it has done and presented in the nonwovens sector, where it is a pioneer in many areas, Teknomelt will work to offer investments and products that are constantly improving and renewing themselves to offer a greener, more livable world to future generations.

Advanced Research and Development

Teknomelt, whose commitment to innovation is unwavering, is equipped with the latest tools and technologies and aims to offer future solutions to its business partners with many environmentally friendly projects. It has prioritizes sustainability in its R&D facilities approved by the Republic of Turkey. These projects are continued with the partnership and directives of the institutions of the Republic of Turkey. In this way, considering the needs of Turkey as well as the global needs, it directs all its resources to this field for the future of humanity and nature in accordance with these needs. It also aims to develop more sustainable, environmentally friendly and low CO₂ emission product solutions. These efforts have resulted in the development of biodegradable spunbonded and meltblown products that are now on the company’s product lists.

The Qualified Potential of Teknomelt

The CCP Spunlace line, which will transform Teknomelt from a local to a global player in terms of sustainability, is a state-of-the-art carded-carded-pulp (CCP) spunlace line that uses two technologies—spunlace and wetlaid—simultaneously. In this way, by using bio-based fibers such as viscose and wood pulp, it is able to produce a high-performance and sustainable wiper with the same technical product characteristics and performance as a conventional wiper made of synthetic fibers, while protecting the environment.

Teknomelt will also benefit from the line’s configuration flexibility as it can be used to produce pure spunlace, Wetlace CP or Wetlace CCP. This allows a wide range of different wipes to be produced.

Teknomelt will offer a 100% biodegradable product under the registered brand Biona and a 50% biodegradable product under the registered brand Econa™. This product will help existing spunlace market with less plastic material and with low budget.

Production of this latest technology will take place in a 20,000-square-meter closed area located on a 50,000-square-meter site. Teknomelt, the pioneer of many innovations, will be a source of inspiration for its environment and its sector with this plant, which will use the latest technology, low carbon emissions and energy consumption.

This investment in sustainable technology and products has been made possible with an investment budget of over 50 million euros. This project is one of the most significant and largest projects realized in Turkiye in terms of sustainability on a sectoral basis in recent times. Teknomelt, which has a strong focus on technology and is a leading company in many fields, has succeeded in becoming a pioneer in Turkiye with this investment. The founders of the company emphasize that this success is “only possible with a dedicated, confident and proactive team.«

Teknomelt, which has set itself high goals in terms of sustainability effectiveness and efficiency, will continue to insist on sustainability with this investment; it will continue to take innovative, pioneering steps to shape itself, its environment, and the world. In the coming period, sustainability will be the main theme of Teknomelt’s medium- and long-term investment goals.


By / Published On: Ocak 24th, 2024 /